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About Guitarkids®

For almost a decade, Guitarkids® has continued to become a staple in guitar education for young children. With easy to understand note-by note lessons, fun an familiar songs and musical approach, we have made it more enjoyable than ever for children to learn how to play the guitar!


Level 1 Outline of Basic Concepts 

  • Introduction to playing and holding the instrument

  • Finger numbers

  • Notes from the E, B, G explored one at a time

  • Quarter, Half, Whole, Dotted Half and Eighth Notes introduced 

  • Chord Accompanyment

Lesson 2 Cover.jpg

Level 2 Outline of Basic Concepts

  • Notes on All Strings Introduced

  • Dotted Dotted Quarter Note

  • Introduction to TAB Reading

  • Duets for the Student and Teacher

  • Key signatures and Accidentals

  • Further exploration of chords and musical articulation

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