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Visit our booth at the MTNA conference
March 25-27

Read the review of the Woman Composer Series in the
American Music Teacher Journal HERE

ORMTA Conference
July 2022


Join us at the Conference July 22 - 24 at Queen's University, Kingston Ontario.

Plan to attend the workshop on Women Composers with Cécile Desrosiers and Eleanor Gummer on Friday, July 22 at 10:45. Learn more about material published by One Eye Publications with Eleanor Gummer on Sunday, July 24 at 10:45 am. 

Monthly Webinars featuring Woman Composers

eleanor gummer-2.png

Upcoming webinars:

Friday Dec 2: The French Connection

    Bonis, Chaminade, Sohy

Friday Feb 3: All Hail Britannia

   Turner, Gambarini, Savage, Barthélémon

Friday March 3: All Hail Britannia

   Hopekirk, Hester Park, Burney

Friday May 5: The Maple Leaf Canadian    Women Trailblazers

   Labrecque, Harrison, Hatton and the origins       of music in Canada


Meet Eleanor Gummer at the APTA conference in Red Deer, Alberta Sept 23 and 24

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