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Pianokids® Collection

Pianokids® is designed especially for the younger beginner who is four years old and up. It takes into consideration the normal attention span and learning capabilities of the young pianist. 

All-In-One Primer Outline of Basic Concepts

  • Introduction to the piano layout

  • Finger Numbers

  • High and Low Pitches

  • Treble Clef Middle C, D, and E. Bass Clef Middle C, B, A presented one note at a time

  • Quarter, Half and Whole Notes

  • Introduction to reading on the Grand Staff

Book 1 Outline of Basic Concepts ​

  • Finger numbers

  • High and Low Pitches

  • Treble Clef Middle C, D, E, F, G  Bass Clef Middle C, B, A, G, F one note at a time

  • Quarter, Half, Whole, Dotted Half and Eighth Notes introduced 

  • Staccato touch

  • Introduction to the Grand Staff and Hands-Together Playing

  • Dynamics

Book 2 Outline of Basic Concepts

  • Review of Middle C Position

  • C Position and G Position

  • "Out of Position" Playing through scales and triads

  • 6/8 Time

  • Chord accompaniment

  • Key signatures

  • Further exploration of dynamics and musical articulation

Book 3 Outline of Basic Concepts

  • D Major, F Major, A minor scales and key signatures

  • Tonic, Subdominant, Dominant Chords

  • Whole-Tone Scale

  • Chromatic Scales

  • Independence of hands through contrapuntal and imitative pieces

Book 4 Outline of Basic Concepts

  • Sixteenth Notes and Triplets

  • Introduction to 12-Tone Technique and Aleatoric Music

  • Elementary Baroque Pieces by Mozart, Turk and Clarke

  • Unique Technique and Studies book featuring works by Hanon, Czerny and Burgmuller

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