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About Violinkids®

After much requeset for a course of violin study with a note-focused approach, Violinkids® was created for the younger beginner who is four years old and up. The early years of a young child's life is crucial for developing mental processes, muscle coordination and listening development. Children learn words after hearing them spoken multiple times by others and later develop the skills necessary to learn how to write them. A similar process occurs when children learn to play an instrument and read music. 

Violinkids® is structured to allow children to learn to read the music presented to them one note at a time, but also focuses on creating a clear tone on the instrument through various listening and ear-training exercises. The end result of such learning structures gives students the skills and knowledge to continue learning repertoire by the great composers. 

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Lesson 1
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All-In-One Primer Outline of Basic Concepts

  • Introduction to playing and holding the instrument

  • Finger Numbers

  • Selected notes from the E and A String introduced one at a time

  • Quarter, Half and Whole Notes

  • Introduction to reading the Treble Staff

Level 1 Outline of Basic Concepts 

  • Introduction to playing and holding the instrument

  • Finger numbers

  • Notes from the E, A further explored one note at a time

  • Quarter, Half, Whole and Eighth Notes are introduced 

  • D Major Scale

  • Rests

  • Dynamics

Level 2 Outline of Basic Concepts

  • Notes on the D String

  • Dotted Half Note, Dotted Quarter and Sixteenth Notes are Introduced

  • A Major and G Major Scales

  • Two-Note Bowing

  • Key signatures and Accidentals

  • Further exploration of dynamics and musical articulation

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