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Why Choose One Eye Publications?

It is well known that listening to music has a positive effect on people of all ages! From infancy, babies frequently respond to the sounds of music by smiling or humming along and in general, listening to music makes people feel better. Studies indicate that young music students, on average, excel in their school more than children who not studying music and teenagers frequently find their social lives improving when performing for friends or at school functions.

In today's busy world, many children, unfortunately, do not always have the chance to take music lessons but there are a number of factors that can also help young students choose music lessons as a preferred activity! The most important starting point for music lessons is finding the right teacher who chooses a method that combines a solid music education with a fun-filled approach to enhance the musical experience.

One Eye Publications stays on top of trends in society and has teamed up with TimeWarp Technologies to launch the iPad version of their books on the SuperScore app. This innovative, ground-breaking technology gives students added elements to the learning process. "I would have practiced all day if I had this as a child!" - A parent's reaction to this technology. 

Eleanor Gummer and her daughter Marie-Therese Gummer teamed up to create a methods for piano, guitar and violin that would not only be musically pleasing but would also bring a sense of enjoyment to young students. The focus was on creating method books with attractive pictures, clear concise explanations and musical pieces children would enjoy learning and doing what matters most - making music together.

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